Urge Wins Title of The Best Tattoo Shop in Victoria for 2013

best-of-victoria-tattoo-2013It Deja vu all over again and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Urge would like to once again extend our heart-felt thanks to everyone in the Capital Region who voted Urge Studios the Best Tattoo Shop in Victoria for a fourth consecutive year.

Being named the top tattoo and piercing shop in the CRD never gets old, it’s a title we’re proud to claim thanks to the amazing folks who let us work on their lovely bodies, and those who continue to vote for us in The Best of the City competition.

Since the beginning of the Best of Victoria many things have changed at Urge and it’s awesome to know that our customers, friends and audience continues to approve of our evolution. Urge Studios is proud to offer a clean and safe environment with full body piercing services along side the only laser tattoo removal services in any Vancouver Island tattoo shop, and of course our focus continues to be on beautiful custom tattoos performed by some of the industries best artists.

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A leader in bod-mod safety, Urge was consulted by the Provincial Government during the composition of the Provincial Health guidelines for the tattooing and piercing industry and we continue to enjoy an unparallelled and unblemished safety record. A proud supporter of Victoria’s armed services, Urge has also blazed a trail in community outreach through a number of poppy tattoo drives from which all proceeds were donated to help struggling service members and their families through difficult times.

Here is to another year of beautiful tattoos in paradise — thank you all for your patronage and support!