Urge Congradulates Xtreme Football!

We’re pretty jazzed about the season our favorite Football team had this year! For another season, Urge was proud to sponsor the Victoria Xtreme – the all-woman football squad that kicks ass across the region — and they certainly made the most of our contribution.

“We couldn’t have gone to the Duncan Sunbowl Tournament without you, and we really appreciate your sponsorship. Our league fees are expensive, and because of your help, we can also buy new gear (pop flags, kicking tee, footballs) for our next season.”; team rep Alyssa tell us.

Here are a few photos of these tough-as-nails ladies, who (if we’re being honest) would probably kick our collective asses at a whole lot more than football if we gave them a reason/chance.

Check them out with their awesome trophy below! Congratulations Xtreme!

xtreme1 xtreme2 xtreme3