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Laser Tattoo Removal

removalimage Laser Tattoo Removal has evolved considerably since it’s inception. Laser Removal is a non-invasive procedure that can lighten and remove tattoos over a number of sessions.

The sensation is commonly described as slightly less painful or similar to getting a tattoo, and like a tattoo it varies depending on the location of the work. Laser technicians at Urge use the latest Quanta Q plus C and Smart Cool 6 Chiller.

How it Works

Lasers are used to destroy the pigments in the tattoo. Tattoo ink is a colored liquid and when the laser attracts to the color it crystallizes the ink making it a hard substance. The body recognizes this crystal as a foreign object and either digests (metabolizes) it or pushes it out through the skins surface, much like a splinter. At the same time trying to keep scarring to a minimum.

What it Costs

The pricing ranges from $100 (minimum) for something tiny to $800 for the maximum, Half sleeve approx amount of space on the body, per treatment. The usual price ranges from $175 to $300 for most tattoos.