Health Care for our Staff

The truth is that tattoo artists and our industry in general do not have the gleaming reputation for self-preservation and healthy-lifestyle that, say, the banking industry might enjoy. From motorcycles to scuba diving, to all manner of other hi-jinx, we’ve earned a label that portrays us as injury-prone goof-balls.

It’s a reputation that makes adequate 3rd party healthcare a difficult undertaking to say the least.

Well, it was a long and complex road filled with lengthy research and a number of insurance companies that basically just laughed and hung up the phone but Urge Tattoos is proud to announce that we now offer premium health benefit coverage to all of our employees!

Urge was proud to have been an instrumental part of the rules and regulations currently in place for Tattoo Studios in Victoria and around British Columbia. We worked with the government to define many of the rules that now protect the public from dangerous operators. From sterilization practices to pathogen training, Urge Tattoos prides itself on taking care of our client’s health and now we can say the very same about the health of our staff!